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EADEM - Design, Implementation, deployment and operating of a business-related information system for the national public employment service in Luxembourg
The CTIE is the contracting authority on behalf of the ADEM. eADEM is a programme launched by the ADEM (Agence pour le Développement de l’Emploi) as the national Public Employment Service. The objective of the programme to review ADEM’s core business application information system. eADEM is aimed at becoming the backbone of ADEM’s IT landscape by replacing the current systems to be decommissioned. eADEM is a cornerstone of ADEM’s 2025 strategy which will facilitate a full digitally enabled and client-centric employment agency providing a large range of services to jobseekers, employers, financial aid beneficiaries, job seekers with special needs, and emerging segments such as employees, youth, etc. Following a first phase in which high-level requirements will have been captured and documented, both on the functional and non-functional dimensions, the deployment of eADEM should start by summer 2022 for an estimated period of 36 months. It shall cover the following aspects: refinement of functional and non-functional requirements, configuration and deployment / implementation of one or several modules of packaged solutions covering the identified needs in the areas specified hereafter as well as maintenance of the implemented system. Core business processes have been identified that cover the following business areas: candidate profiling, job and candidate matching, secretarial management of external commissions, financial benefits, registration to targeted services and applications for benefits, personalised support and services to the clients of the Agency (e.g. employers, jobseekers, etc.) as well as management of eligibility schemes. Some functionalities will be core to the business information system while others will rely on integration / interfaces with other internal and external systems (e.g. BI interface to the existing Data Warehouse).

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