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ESPON Targeted Analyses
The ESPON EGTC will tender 4 service contracts for Targeted Analyses: 1) Alps2050 – Common spatial perspectives for the Alpine Space. Towards a common vision Lead stakeholder: Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Department of European Spatial Development / Territorial Cohesion (Germany) Objective of the analysis: Alps2050 will produce common spatial perspectives to strengthen territorial cooperation among Alpine countries towards more effective sustainable development. 2) Cross-border Public Services (CPS) Lead stakeholder: Region Sonderjylland – Schleswig Joint Secretariat & Infocenter (Denmark) Objective of the analysis: CPS will identify and map existing cross-border public services; create the basis for improving existing and developing new services; generate awareness about the added value of CPS and exchange experiences and best practices. 3) Future Digital Health in the EU Lead stakeholder: Ministry of Finance, Regional Development Department (Estonia) Objective of the analysis: This activity will analyse digital health solutions and policies in study areas which foster development of data-driven healthcare and eHealth services, identify bottlenecks, and propose policy recommendations. 4) Cultural Heritage (CH) as a strategic territorial development resource; mapping impacts through a set of common European socio-economic indicators Lead stakeholder: Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage (Norway) Objective of the analysis: To formulate a set of socioeconomic indicators for immovable CH that is meaningful and internationally comparable and to provide data for these indicators for a selection of European countries/regions.

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