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PNE 220030 - Acquisition of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) for LUQCIA project
The objective of the purchase is to implement a live QKD network to validate various QKD topologies Ring, Star, Chain and learn about QKD implementation and performance. We also want to be able to demonstrate the impact of eavesdropping a quantum communication channel. We will provide hands on experience to SnT students who could use the QKD systems. This purchase is required for the implementation of activities planned under LUQCIA project funded by SMC. The purchase will be fully covered by the project. The Equipment is a set of transmitters and receivers for the implementation of QKD. The purchase includes the necessary equipment for the implementation of three (3) QKD links. For each link, a transmitter and a receiver are required. The offer of IDQeach Cerberis XGR-P2P-1551-18 item is a transmitter and a receiver set. The item Cerberis XGR-P2P-1310 is a very similar set with slightly different performance and operation frequencies.

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